A Snag Before the Big Pitch

Pilot Season 1, Ep 1 02/07/2017 Views: 1,400

On their way to a pitch meeting with an important executive, Sam and Tim make a grave error. (1:42)

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[upbeat music]

- And that's whyevery Chrysler

is like the city of Detroiton four wheels.

- On four wheels. - On four wheels.

- Yes.- Gentlemen.

Your morning hot dogsarrived.

- Thank you, Sheila.

- Knock 'em dead,Big Hank.

- I don't...[sighs]

Well, there she is.

- As I live and breathe.

- Hey, did you guyslike the commercial?

- No!- No, Lea, you tanked it.

- You shit the bed.- Absolutely blew it.

- You blew it!- And it sucked!

- Here we go.

You ready?

- Sure am.

We did it, pal.

- We sure did.

- I paid for the coffee,I picked up the dog,

and I told the cop I waswith animal control, undercover.


- Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no,no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Let's get the hell out of here.- Uh-uh.

Let's dump his bodyin the woods

and walk in therelike nothing happened.

- What if he wakes upand sees us?

- [crunches]

[rock music]

- Leave the bag out.- Yeah.

It'll just be likea piece of bag out there.

Nobody's gonnaask anything.

- No, I know.

- He's not answering.

I'm so sorry.

He has never missed a meetinglike this.

- It's fine.

Just very unprofessional.