Connecticut Muffin

Season 2 , Ep 5 05/17/13 Views: 4,954

How did Dan St. Germain's least favorite food chain get its name? (1:11)

(bleep) you.

(laughter, applause)

My least favorite new food chainis Connecticut Muffin.

I don't know if you guyshave heard of it.

I don't know how they came upwith that name.

It's, like, you know what wegotta do is sell these muffins.

Tell everybodythey're from Connecticut,

land of the muffin.

Like, Connecticut Muffin soundslike what a rich person uses

instead of the word (bleep),you know.

"She's a real Connecticutmuffin, that one."

You couldn't make ConnecticutMuffin bad-ass if you tried.

Like, Connecticut Muffinsprawls across the TV screen

in flames and then Ted Nugent

kicks through and starts (bleep)a blueberry muffin

on a Confederate flag,and he's, like:

"The South shall rise again!

"Along with this muffin top.

"Connecticut Muffin, eat one

or we'll Connecti-- (bleep)your (bleep) dicks off."