Cisco Duran - Messing with Skinny People

Miami Season 1, Ep 5 10/30/2016 Views: 1,434

Cisco Duran talks about being comfortable with his weight and explains how he uses it to freak out thin people. (0:56)

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I play pranks on skinny people.I think it's funny.

This is what I like to do.

Usually, when I get on a plane,

I like to be the last personon the airplane.

I like to get on the plane lastand call out the seat numbers

like it's Bingo to see whattheir reactions would be.

'Cause they get really excited,'cause the middle seat is empty.

The door's about to close.

They're making announcements.

One dude's lookingdown the aisle

high-fiving the guyat the window.

Like, "Dude, I think we're goodon this flight."

Then, all of a sudden,I walk in.

[laughter and applause]

"B-7," and they're like,"Oh, my God."


I'm a fat terrorist.I don't care.