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Jamie Lee, Brian Moses and Michelle Buteau try to figure out which classic "Friends" episode featured Chandler and Rachel learning how to use Windows 95. (1:27)

Back in the mid-nineties,

Microsoft wanted Windows 95 in

every home.

That's why they hired "Friends"

stars Matthew Perry and Jennifer

Aniston to teach people about

the sexy, fun world of the PC

operating system.

And could it be any more


>> Okay, now let's load up the

task bar.

I'll show you what it does.

>> Task bar?

Is that anything like a Snickers


Does that have nougat?

>> What is nougat?

Does anybody know that?

(silly tune plays)

>> HARDWICK: Aw, Jesus.


This lady's like, "Goddamn it!

I knew we should have gotten


Why did we do this?"

>> Oh, my God.

>> HARDWICK: Ah, it's not their


Comedian, "Friends" ep...

I mean, you know, they did this

corporate gig.

They probably got paid a shit

ton of money, and they were

like, "Well, no one's ever gonna

see this."

>> This looks like it's 50 years


Like, Jennifer Aniston looks

like a Puerto Rican bank teller

bad at math.


Like, what is...?

She looks so different now!

>> HARDWICK: I know.

>> She used to eat.

>> HARDWICK: I know.

Comedians, "Friends" episodes

were always titled things like,

"The One Where Joey Moves Out,"

or "The One with the Chicken


What is this episode called?


>> Uh, "The One Where Rachel

Dates a Nigerian Prince."

>> HARDWICK: Yeah. Points.


>> Ooh!

>> HARDWICK: Just to help him

transfer the money. Yeah.

>> Yeah.

>> Yeah.

>> HARDWICK: Michelle.

>> Um, this is the one,

actually, where she finds out

that Jon Voight's daughter is

gonna steal her man later.

(audience groaning)

>> HARDWICK: Oh. Shit!

>> What? Baba, baba, baba, boom!

>> HARDWICK: Oh! Yes.

>> Boom, boom, boom!

Close your legs to married men,



>> HARDWICK: And...

>> Sorry.

>> Rachel Donovan.

>> HARDWICK: We all know that

worked out great.