Chris Hardwick - Teen Pregnancy Epidemic

Chris Hardwick: Mandroid Season 1, Ep 1 11/10/2012 Views: 7,233

After examining two teen epidemics, Chris Hardwick offers a unique solution. (1:47)

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boners are like Kleenex,

like--pfft--"There's another one."

Pfft--"There's another one."

Pfft--pfft--"I could do this all day."

But it turns out thatthe female of our species

is not sexually arousedwhen the male of our species

ejaculates near herand then cries on her face.

We got lucky though.Like, I wasn't--

We weren't using any protection,which is a bad idea.

And this was, like, she couldhave gotten pregnant.

This was in the '80s,

when you couldn't justtake a pill the next day

to "Control-Z" that shit.



That was it.

I mean, there is no excuse todayfor unwanted teen pregnancy.

You can takepreventative measures.

You can do stuffthe day afterwards.

Like, there's no reasonfor teen pregnancy to exist

if that's not the intention.

And yet there isa teen pregnancy epidemic.

But there is alsoa teen obesity epidemic.

So here's whatI'm thinking, guys.

No, they're not gonnaeat the babies.

But in the South,they will deep fry anything.


We have the science to make

morning-afterdonuts delicious.

These kids are gonnaeat donuts anyway.

It solves the problem.

If you're Latino,"Flan B" is another one

that I submit

for your approval.