#HashtagWars - #MonkeyMovies

Wednesday, January 4, 2017 01/04/2017 Views: 187

Mary Lynn Rajskub, Kyle Kinane and Ron Funches incorporate primates into popular cinema. (1:47)

And now it is timefor tonight's #HashtagWars.


Some people just think a bunchof monkeys with typewriters

could eventually writeeverything from Shakespeare

to fart jokes...

and as kingof late-night fart jokes--

uh, the commander in queef,if you will--

I resent this idea.

After 500 episodes, I hopeit is clear to our viewers

that television is madeby skilled artisans

dedicated to their craft.

As for movies, however, yeah,they could totally crank out

a Michael Bay movie in,like, three days.

Which is why tonight'sfuture Emmy-winning hashtag

is #MonkeyMovies, you guys.

-#MonkeyMovies.-(cheering, applause)

Examples might be-- Unforgibbon, right here,

Silverback Mountain, uh,

and What's Eating Ticks Off Gilbert Grape.

I'm gonna put 60 seconds,and begin.

-Ron. -Curious George Does Dallas.

-All right, points.-(laughter)

Sounds more like Bi-Curious George.

-Yeah.-Uh, Kyle.

-Risky Monkey Business. -Yes, points.


When Hairy Ape Met Sally the Also Hairy Ape.

-All right, points.-(laughter)

-Mary Lynn. -World War Chimpan-Z.

-All right, points. Very good.-(laughter)

-Ron. -Mrs. Doubtfire 2: A Monkey's Aunt.

-All right, points.-(laughter)

-Kyle Kinane. -Orangutango & Cash.

-Points! So good.-(laughter)

I would watch the (bleep)out of that, I really would.

-Uh, Mary Lynn. -The Social Grooming Network.

-Yes, points.-(laughter)

-Kyle. -Anything starringDwayne Macaque Johnson.

-Oh, Jesus Christ.-(laughter)

-Points. Mary Lynn.-(bleep) on a Hot Tin Roof.