Gabriel Iglesias - Moment of Silence

Kabir Singh & Lance Patrick Season 3, Ep 1 10/04/2014 Views: 22,610

Before Gabriel kicks off Season 3, he and Martin request a moment of silence for their departed friend. (1:34)

this is the new homefor Stand-Up Revolution,

season three.

And the cool part is that,you know, the show's changed.

We're in a-a new location,but things...

some things are still the same.

Of course, my right hand man,

the man, the myth,the legend.

Give it up, ladiesand gentlemen, for Martin!

And, of course,

three-time Grammy awardwinners, Ozomatli!

How cool is this, Martin?We're back for another season.

Season three!

Dude, everybody's back,this is awesome.

We're all back,I'm back,

you're back, Ozo's back.

MARTIN: Hey.(Iglesias laughs)

Somebody's missing,though, bro.

What-What do you mean,someone's missing?

Looks like one ofthem's missing.Who's missing?

Uh, the bass player, Wil-Dog.

MARTIN: Wil-Dog.IGLESIAS: Whathappened to Wil-Dog?

He... got married.


Are you kidding me?

He got married?This last weekend,

he just got married.MARTIN: Dude, welost another one.

Aw. Hey, hey,hold on, hold on.

How about a moment of silence?

Ladies and gentlemen,a moment

a moment of silencefor our friend, Wil-Dog.

He will be missed.

(trumpet playing "Taps")


(trumpet plays upbeat riff)

MARTIN: Wow.IGLESIAS: We'll miss you,Wil-Dog.

It's-It's only appropriate wesay a few words about Wil-Dog.