Uncensored - Hannibal Buress - Racist Taxi Accident

Hannibal Buress: Live From Chicago Season 1, Ep 1 03/29/2014 Views: 11,535

Hannibal Buress gets hurt trying to drunkenly combat a taxi driver's racism. (1:30)

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I remember one nightin New York.

It was late night.

I'm leaving this club,and I walk out,

pretty faded,there's taxis out front.

They gotthe available lights on.

Walk up to the taxi,grab the handle,

and dude just startedpulling off.

He started pulling off.

This has happened before,where taxis just pull off,

and you just let them go.

There's more taxis to be had,but this particular night,

I told you I was drunk,so when he started pulling off,

I started holding the handle

and running alongside the taxi.

I don't know what my goal was.

I don't know what I wantedfrom that,

like he was gonna stopthe cab like,

"Wow! You're fast!

"Man, get in.Get in.

Damn, man, you so fast,I'm not even racist anymore"...

said him and a percentageof college football fans.

The thing about runningalongside a taxi

while holding the handle is thatyou can't do it for that long.

You can't do it for that long.

I topped outabout two or three seconds.

You try it outand see how you do.

And I just ended up on my back,and my back was destroyed.

I'm laid out on my back,and I couldn't move.

I said, "Well, you know,I guess I live here now.

"This is my new home right hereon this street.

I'm the new owner of this spotright here."

I got lucky.One of my friends pulled up

in his car,and he puts me in the car.

He's driving me home, he said,"Hannibal, what happened, man?"

At that point, I wasn't ready

to take my partin the responsibility.

He said,"Hannibal, what happened, man?"

"Racism isout of control, man.

Goddamn racismis what happened."