Barack Obama's Last-Minute Clemency Spree

Tuesday, January 17, 2017 01/17/2017 Views: 114

In the wake of President Obama commuting Chelsea Manning's prison sentence, Megan Gailey, Jak Knight and Rory Scovel wonder what else he'll do before he leaves office. (1:00)

Obama only has a couple of daysleft to come for your guns,

and he's also warming upby commuting the sentence

of Chelsea Manning,a whistleblower in prison

for leaking classified documentsto WikiLeaks.

Manning, who spent six yearsinto a 35-year-sentence,

will be released this May,and since

Chelsea Manning is going free,that means

head WikiLeaker Julian Assangehas to follow up on his promise

to be extraditedto the United States.

Because anything is betterthan eating

at the Sbarros at theEcuadorian embassy. -(laughter)

Obama pardoned 64 people today,

including three Thanksgivingturkeys that killed their wives.

But he still has until Fridayto work some magic.

So, comedians what are some ofthe things

Obama might doat the last minute

before he slips outof the White House?

-Rory Scovel. -Returnthe moldy box of Playboys

to the woodsbehind the White House.

-(laughter) -HARDWICK:Yes, finally! Someone...

-Jak.-Finally come clean

and tell 'em that--stop looking for Tupac.

-He died a year and a half ago.-(laughter) -All right, points.

-Megan. -Finally let Biden make4/20 a national holiday.

HARDWICK:Yes. All right. Points.