Kevin Hart - Getting to Know Houston Comics - Uncensored

Houston Season 1, Ep 2 10/09/2016 Views: 1,500

Texas comedians Alfred Kainga, Ken Boyd, Crystal Powell and Tim Mathis tell Kevin Hart about how they got into comedy and describe the stand-up scene in Houston. (2:15)

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- It's our hometown.- Let's talk Houston.

Let's talk comedyright now.

- I'm originally fromthe other H-town.

That's Harare, Zimbabwe.- Okay.

[laughter]Okay, okay.

- There you go.

The other H-town.You dig?

- Yeah.- I'll say Houston

is the dope training ground.

When I first started,my first show, terrible.

- How bad?- When I tell you it was nothing

but old-school,Jheri curls, and gold teeth--

like, the single gold tooth.- The one in the middle.

- With the--the the martiniglass in it,

you know what I'm saying?[laughter]

I think the biggest laughI got was, like, a "tss."

And that was from me,I did that.

I was--I was on stage.

- That's hard to take.Like, what I've learned is,

the harder the setup,the harder I got to go in there

and prove myselfand do a good set.

'Cause I learned that the hardway. Like, pfft,

"Man, I'm in somebody's kitchen.

Let me go in hereand knock this out."

Negative.- It's not enough work.

- You can't--you don't--yeah, you can't just see--

- Right.Simple and plain.

- I'll dig into it right now.

I was fired from this buildingthree weeks ago.

- He's been waitingto say that.


- Is this a major setback?Is this--

- Here's the thing,I got into comedy

because I got laid offfrom a radio station.

- Mm-hmm.- Then I looked around.

I saw open mic comedy. I said,"I've always wanted to do that."

So from that situation,it gave me the love of comedy.

And now,with this situation,

I'm already, you know,established and everything,

so why not?- Hey, brother,

no door openswithout another one closing.

- There you go.- Exactly.

- What are you expectingto get from this show,

from this performance?- What?

- Man.- My own boulevard

back in Africa.[laughter]

Man, look, a boulevard.

This right hereis a game-changer, Kev.

You don't understand.- Thank you.

- This is major exposure.- Mm-hmm.

- I'm talking about--but I got family in England,

family in Australia,you know what I mean?

I'm booking daysto Sydney right now.

- Yeah.- They don't even know me

there yet, but as soonas that show comes up?

- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.- Well, I'm going.

You know, so that's whatI'm believing.

- I like it.- That it's just gonna change,

and it's just gonna propelout careers to the next level.

- So many doorsthat can be opened up

through stand-up comedy, man.- Pie is so big,

everybody can share it.- Yeah.

It's enough for everybody.- Yeah, everybody can.

So tonight, man, let's go downhere to Cafe 4212

and make it do what it do, man.I'm looking forward.

I'm glad we got to talk, guys,all right?

- Yay. Whoo!- My brother.

Sounds good to me.- Thank you, guys.

- Kev.

[hip-hop music]