Nick Vatterott - Rosetta Stone

Nick Vatterott Season 1, Ep 6 05/25/2012 Views: 4,974

Nick Vatterott recognizes that his unorthodox way of learning Spanish could lead to an awkward situation in Mexico and reveals the saddest part of drinking alone. (2:13)

Ah, I don't know a lotof Spanish, though.

I, uh...

I was at a garage saleover the summer.

They had one of thoseRosetta Stone,

learning-how-to-speak-Spanish CDs.

And it was, like, ten bucks.

Like, that's a steal.So I stole it.

I get home, I open up the CD,and they were all scratched.

That's why they were so cheap,you know?

But I think it's goodI noticed that because

I was planning on playingwhile I was asleep

to try to subconsciouslylearn Spanish.

What if I did thatand I was in Mexico, like,

┬┐Hola, que esta d-d-d-d-d-d-d.


ton-ton-ton-ton, do-duh-duh-duhduh-duh-duh-duh-duh,

do-do-do-do-do-do,ton-ton-ton-ton, amigo"?

Would have been awkward.

I think the saddest partabout going out

drinking by yourself is taggingyourself in all the pictures

the next day.

(laughs) Did you guysever get a Facebook request

from somebody who has a babyfor their profile picture?

I'm always, like, "Is this thatbaby I was hanging out with?

"Is that babyI met last weekend?

How does he know computers?"

My buddies back homeare always, like,

"Hey, Vatterott, when are yougonna be famous?

When you gonna be famous?"

I always tell them, "As soonas they find the bodies."

'Cause I murder people,you know.

They're all getting marriedright now, you know.

When everybody, you know,

when anybody gets married,they always want to tell you

the story of their love,you know?

And I indulge, like,

"You're getting married?When did you know?!

When did you know?!

When did you know?!When did you know?!

When did you know?!

When did you know?!When did you know?!

When did you know?!

When was that momentthat he looked at her,

and the moon just hit herjust right?

And you just knewshe was pregnant.

When did you know?Is it right now?