Donald Trump's Worst Week Ever

Monday, October 3, 2016 10/03/2016 Views: 353

Donald Trump's disastrous week has been called the worst in campaign history, leaving Brendon Small, Steve Agee and Doug Benson to wonder how low he can go. (1:40)

It's been a rough couple of daysfor Donald Trump,

the inspiration for the hitviral video "Annoying Orange,"

which I didn't know a lot ofpeople know, but there it is.

-(laughter) -A New York Times investigation suggested

that he may not have paid taxessince 1995,

when he lost almosta billion dollars, with a "B."

It was also revealedthat he made an appearance

in a soft-core porn movieright there. Uh...

(laughter and groaning)

The New York Attorney Generalbanned The Trump Foundation

from doing any fund-raisingin the state.

And in a late night tweet-storm,he encouraged America

to watch a Miss Universewinner's nonexistent sex tape.

Although-- I don't know--

I guess the phrase"check out sex tape"

could bean unrelated endorsement

for the 2014 Cameron Diaz,Jason Segel romp, Sex Tape.

I don't knowwhy he was doing that otherwise.

Some analysts are calling it theworst week in campaign history.

Worse even than whenWilliam Howard Taft admitted

he had an adult baby fetish.You guys remember that?

-You probably remember that,right? -(laughter, groaning)


-"I've soiled my diapy."(mutters) -(laughter)

But if there's one thing I know

about this jaundiced walruswrapped in cellophane,

it's that he never stopstopping himself.

So, comedians,

what is Trump gonna do this weekto make it even worse?

-Steve Agee. -Milk his titson live TV and try...


-And there's more.-(laughter)

And try to sell itas "stamina sauce."

-HARDWICK: All right. Yeah.Points. -(laughter and groaning)

-I'll give you points for that.Aw. -(applause)

Uh, Doug Benson.

I heard he's gonnaendorse himself.

-(laughter)-HARDWICK: All right.

Points. He might. Brendon.

He's going to reveal

that stop-and-friskis how he met Melania.