The Violentest Season of the Year

The Futurama Holiday Spectacular Season 6, Ep 13 11/21/2010 Views: 187,664

Robot Santa infiltrates the Planet Express headquarters to wreak havoc and explain the true meaning of Xmas. (2:02)

What's wrong, Fry?

Are you regrettinganother wasted year?

I don't know.Something about Xmas

just doesn't feellike Christmas.

(alarm blaring)

Santa's coming!

Initiate defenses!

(rattling, clanking, thudding)

God rest yemerry gentlemen...

in peace.

Can someone please explain

how you celebratethis crazy holiday?

Preferably in song?

(others gasp)

♪ It's the violent-estseason of the year ♪

♪ And Krinklebot hascome dispensing mugs ♪

♪ Of Xmas fear ♪

♪ Sugarplummy visions ♪

♪ Will be dancing in your head ♪

♪ When I cane youfrom the comfort ♪

♪ Of my sled ♪Ow!

♪ On Xmas Eve,we don our gay apparel ♪

♪ Kevlar vests ♪

♪ Asbestos stockingsand a barrel ♪

♪ And if grandma'sXmas fruitcake ♪

♪ Finally reachescritical mass ♪

♪ It can be re-gifted ♪

♪ Straight to Santa's ass ♪

♪ But the ornamental armaments ♪

♪ Are merely superficial ♪

♪ The tinsel and the trappingsare just icing on the missile ♪

♪ The one thing that you need ♪

♪ To make your Xmas daysplendiferous ♪

♪ Is a pine tree ♪

♪ A pine treethat's coniferous ♪

♪ We have to have a pine treethat's coniferous! ♪

You're welcome!

You know, Santa mayhave killed Scruffy,

but he makesa good point.

What we need isan old-fashioned pine tree!

Cram it, Virginia!

Pine trees have been extinctfor over 800 years.


maybe there's some way

to bring the pine treesback to life.

Like we did withthe barking snakes.


Pine trees aren'tbarking snakes!

They won't just turn upin a salad at Olive Garden.

But there is one hope,

and, as usual, it's Norwegian.