Stench and Stenchibility Season 7, Ep 25 08/28/2013 Views: 44,808

Dr. Zoidberg meets a woman with no sense of smell and begins dating her. (2:45)

I'd like to return thesefor a refund.

Don't worry,

(sobbing):they're unused.

Oh, I'm sorry.

I get so little business,I can't afford refunds.

I don't know what's wrongwith this location.

(flies buzzing)

I understand.


Please don't cry.

I can't stand to see aliving thing feel pain.

You are a livingthing, right?


Can I have a refund now?

(register dings)


This here's a bayonet.

It's some kindof kooky half-gun, half-knife.

Now, empty out the register!

And no bag, please.

I care aboutthe environment.

I have three dollarsin moldy pennies.

It's all yours.

That's generousof you.

Oh, no you don't,Mr. Big Jerk.

I have nothing to live for,

so I don't mind telling youthose pennies are mine.

Don't you get it?

I'm crazy!


Go ahead, I don't carewhat happens anymore.

Do it; bash my head in!

(wind blowing)


What is that, mustard gas?

That ain't legal.

Ain't you heard of noGeneva Convention?

(screams, gagging)


That was amazing.

Oh, you were so braveand frugal.

I'm sorry!Don't hit me!


Ooh, I like theway you hit.

But I don't get it;most women I've met

can't even stand next to mewithout collapsing.

What's wrong with those women?

Well, some of themdidn't have legs.

But it's notthem; it's me.

How do I put this delicately?

I'm smellierthan a whorehouse's outhouse.

That's terribly vivid.

Doesn't matter to me, though.

I was bornwith no sense of smell.


My name's Marianne.

Hello, you.


I like your Dumpster.

Thank you.

The previous tenantwas a very prominent raccoon.

I remember.

Too bad he got partiallyrun over by that steamroller.

Can I kiss you?


let me pinch myselfto make sure I'm not dreaming.


I forgot I was a giant crab!