Bill's Inner Monologue

Bill & Tez’s Sexcellent Sexventure Season 7, Ep 4 02/01/2017 Views: 1,301

Bill's imagination runs wild when the guys tease him in the parking lot. (2:10)

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- You know, I just wasn't,you know,

happy with my current look.

So I'm--I'm trying somethingnew, what do you think?


or smoke-punk?

- Dude,just go "Waterworld,"

take those clothes off.

Yes!- I love that.

- Hey, check me out, okay...

- You're a genius.- I'm here for you, man.

- Stop doing whatyou're doing and watch me.

Okay, one, two--[groans]

- It's okay.- Almost got a record.

Oh, shoot.- What are you doing?

Are those my keys, man?- They are.

And I'm gonna geta record, watch.

Shoot.- You're gonna bend my CVS card.

- Ow, why are you doing that?

- Do you not want meto get discounts?

- It's understandable.- You ru--

- Whoa, look who it is,

Bill the Thrill.

Cool tie.

What's--what's up with that?

- Cool, right?

It was actually my mom's.

See, it's a Polynesiangreen turtle,

found mainly in Tahiti.

- Wow, Bill,you're explaining it

like we care.And we don't!

We don't,and honestly,

only Blake gets to wearstupid stuff like that.

- Yeah, I amthe office fashionista

and, uh, that is not a tie.

It's a loss.[laughter]

- That was really funny.You just thought of that?

- Oh, wait a second.

Speaking of fashion,

Bill, what's withyour pants 'cause

it looks like you'repopping a boner!

- Oh, you--you're fully engorged!

- Right?

- Uh, that's just howthe pants lay, guys.

- Nope.- Uh, really?

- Yeah, your pantslay with

a gigantic hard dickinside of them?

- Uh, nah,I don't think so.

I think your little turtle

is poking its headout of its shell.


[dramatic whoosh]

- They weren't wrong.

I'd been playing pocket pool on the ride over.

And I was hard.

[keys clink]

But these dip-[bleep] had no idea

how hard I could actually get.

[dramatic music]

[bones crunch]

[plaster breaks]


♪ ♪


[chuckles]Guilty as charged.

You guys are hilarious.

- Thank you.

- Thank you.- We know.

- Yes.- Roasted.