#HashtagWars - #TechCelebs

Tuesday, January 17, 2017 01/17/2017 Views: 176

Inspired by the invention of a web-surfing A.I., Megan Gailey, Jak Knight and Rory Scovel combine famous names with cutting-edge technology. (1:19)

Now it is timeto play tonight's #HashtagWars.


Researchers at MIT havepresented a new system of A.I.

that learnsby surfing the Internet.

The best side effectof our education

through A.I. pop culture isthat it's only a matter of time

until they start havingtheir own celebrities.

Which is why tonight's hashtagis #TechCelebs.

Examples might be--Ed Norton AntiVirus,

or... Control-Alt-DeLisa Kudrow,

and Dongle Cheadle.

Which I'm personallyvery fond of.

Let's start the clockat 60 seconds, and begin.

-Jak Knight.-Roku Scovel.

-Yes, points! Wow.-Yeah!

-Very good. Megan.-Miley Virus.

Yes, very good. Points.

-Jak.-Beats by André 3000.

-Yes, points. Rory.-(laughter)

Stone Cold Steve Jobs.


-Jak.-Chance The Tech Celeb.


-Rory.-Radio Shaq.

-Yes, points.-(laughter)

Mr. T Esla.

Yes, points.

-Rory.-Conway Twitter.

-All right, points.-(laughter)

-Megan.-Bernie MacBook.

-Yes, points.-(laughter)

-Rory. -Host of @midnight Chris Hard Drive.

-Yeah, points.-(laughter)

-Megan.-YouTube-a Gooding Jr.

-Yes, points.-(laughter)

-Very good. Megan.-Marky Mark Zuckerberg.


-Rory.-Dude, You're Gettin' Adele.

-All right, points.-(laughter)