Wormy Discovery

Parasites Lost Season 3, Ep 4 01/18/2008 Views: 30,167

The Planet Express crew watches as Dr. Zoidberg conducts an intimate examination of Fry. (1:53)

Ah, the hypochondriac's back.

So, what is it this time?

Well, my lead pipehurts a little.

That's normal. Next patient.

( sawing, then clank )


( electronic whirring )

( all gasp )

He's a witch!

Fry, did you eat anythingunusual recently?

No.What about that bathroomegg salad from the truck stop?

I've had better.

Egg salad? Hmm.

Zoidberg will haveto examine

your gastrointestinal tract.

Come, everyone.

Give Fry some privacy.

If you can't see wellenough through thetwo-way mirror,

there'll be close-upon this video screen.

( construction site hubbub, whirring and clanging )

Hmm, we'll need to havea look inside you

with this camera.

Guess again.


Go, man, go!

Watch forany subtleirregularity

in Fry's bowel.

( all gasp )

AMY:It's gorgeous.

That place used to bea big dump.

( all gasp )


Eww! Pukatronic.

So, the eggs in thategg salad sandwich were...?

Correct. Worm eggs.

And the mayonnaise was

probably none toofresh, either.

It's nauseating, mon.

Is there no way to get ridof the disgusting maggots?


We'll have to traveldeep inside Fry in this.