Kristen Schaal - Killing Time

Kristen Schaal: Live at the Fillmore Season 1, Ep 1 04/01/2013 Views: 5,423

While Kristen Schaal gets hydrated, Kurt Braunohler gets to know the audience. (1:51)

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- Okay.

Kristen just neededto get some water,

but now she's got it,so, please welcome to the stage

the newly-hydratedKristen Schaal!

[cheers and applause]

- Whoo!

- Hello.

- Hi, everybody.

So, Kristen's going to beout in just a second,

and so we're justgoing to kill a little time

with a little--we'll find outabout you guys, right?

- Whoo!- Where are you from, sir?

- Orange County.

- Orange County.- Whoo!

- And whereare you from, sir?

- New Jersey!- Yeah!

- New Jersey?- New Jersey.

[scattered audience chatter]

- Where are you from?


[audience cheering]

Oh, ladies and gentlemen,Kristen Schaal!

[cheers and applause]