Jamie Lee - Overconfident Guy

Joe Mande, Jamie Lee, W. Kamau Bell Season 4, Ep 8 09/13/2013 Views: 29,388

Whenever Jamie Lee goes to a bar, the same creepy old man tries to hit on her. (1:13)

Anybody? Okay, okay.

I mean, I-- I don't meanto judge you guys

but, uh, I only drinkwhen it's a special occasion.

You know, like whenit's someone's birthday

on Facebook.

But, um...

Thanks. I keep itvery classy.

I really am likea huge lightweight.

Like, I can't drink a lot.I cannot.

Because, like,if I have one drink,

I swear I'll just do somethingsuper klutzy,

like stub my toe.

The camel one.

And, uh, it's just notworth the risk, you know?

But I feel likeat every bar

there's always, like,that one overconfident guy

who has to, like,swoop in and try to talk to you.

He's always, like,70 years old.

And he has, like, one of those,like, long, cascading, gray,

sex commune ponytails.

And, like, a bolo tieand a lazy eye.

And he's like, "Oh, hey,little lady. What's your sign?"

And you're like, "Yield."

And, uh...

He just keeps going.

He's like,"Oh, cool. I'm a cancer."

I'm like, I know.

Everyone knowsyou are a cancer.

You are a social melanoma.

Go away.