Law and Order, Bellacourt-Style

Trial of the Century Season 2, Ep 4 07/06/2016 Views: 1,779

Between Frederick presiding over the bench and Lillian serving as the star witness, the prosecutor of Hamish's murder trial finds his hands full. (1:44)

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- Your Honor,I think it may be time

for me to call my first witness.

- [clears throat]

'Twas a cold October morning.

The pumpkins were ripe then

and pregnant with possibility,

like my pregnant friend Carla.

Poor Carla.

Autumn had sprinkled itselfthroughout the land.

- It's really not her turnto speak.

- Order! It is not your turnto speak, Lillian.

- Thank you.

The state calls--


Lillian Bellacourt.

[dainty classical music]

Now, you've said that youand the defendant were lovers.

- Can a womanwho has laid with a man

who has troublegetting an erection

truly be calledthat man's lover?

- That's not really what we'rehere to determine tod--

- I am the victim here.

- Traitor!- Curse you!

- You may have had his body,but we will have his soul!

- Your jealousydoesn't bother me.

I own what you crave!

- Oh, [bleep] you!

- You're okay with all that?- Order!

- They're not really with me.

- Bitch!- Order!

- That bitch!

- If it please the court,I have to go number one.

Beatrice, would you take overfor me, please?

- Take over?- Me?

- Yes.- [happily] Oh!

- You can't just have someone--

- I've never done anythinglike this before.

- That's not--that's a problem.

You can't just have anybodycome up and be the judge.

What are you doing?- Here I go!

I don't know.[giggles]

Execute him.

- No!No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

We're not there.We need to have a trial.

- Well, sorry.I'm not perfect.

This is my first time.

- This is not evenyour first time,

because you're not a judge.

- You're really hurtingmy feelings.

- I'm sorry. I don't meanto hurt your feelings.

- You're forgiven.

Lillian, you may continue.

- I don't knowwhat I was talking about.