Joe Wengert - Earworms

Joe Wengert Season 3, Ep 12 07/18/2014 Views: 18,851

There is no solution for Joe Wengert's current musical affliction. (1:47)

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Have you ever gotten a songstuck in your head before?

"Sure, Joe.We've all been there."

Those are called "ear worms"

when that happens.

And, uh,

there's a remedy for ear worms.

It sounds a littlecounterintuitive,

but what you're supposedto do is

you're supposedto listen to that song

that you got stuck in your head,

a bunch of timesin a row on purpose,

and that'll kick the songout of your head.

And that works.

Unless the song

that you have stuck in your head

is a song

that you made up...


...while you were doing laundry.

And now, welcome to my world.

This is where I've been living

for the past fiveor six months now.

Every private moment

of my life,

especially at nighttime,

when I lay me down to sleep,

I hear myself

sing the following song.

♪ Some

♪ People liketo see me do my thing ♪

♪ Some people liketo see me move around. ♪

Every night!

Every night.

And that's just how my life

is gonna go from here on out.

Unless if I can getthe money together

to go into a recording studio

to record myself going,

♪ Some people like to see me

♪ Do my thing,some people like ♪

♪ To see me move around.

Not true!

It's also not true!