Grandma Paradox

Roswell That Ends Well Season 4, Ep 1 02/01/2008 Views: 21,548

In a moment of grief, Fry ends up doing the nasty with his grandmother. (1:45)

( crying ):Every little thing reminds meof Enos.

( sobbing )

Aw, I know how you feel.

My grandfather died recently.

It's all so sad.

At times like this, I justneed someone to hold me.

Mmm, you like holdingme, don't you?

Hey, you know what alwayscheers you up?

Baking me a nice trayof sugar cookies.

How about these cookies, sugar?

( glass breaking )( yelps )

I shouldn't be here.

I shouldn't even exist...

but I do exist...

which proves...

you can't really be my grandm...

( both moaning )

( moaning continuing )

( snoring )

Ew!Oh, my God!


What the hellhave you done, Fry?

Relax. She can'tbe my grandmother.

I figured it all out.

Of courseshe's your grandmother

you perverted dope!


Come back to bed, dearie.

( shrieks )

It's impossible!

I mean, if she'smy grandmother

who's my grandfather?

Isn't it obvious?

You are!

( screams )

( screaming continuing )

Did you say something,dearie?

I'm a bit hard of hearing.

( screaming )