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Extended - Thursday, September 8, 2016 - Uncensored 09/08/2016 Views: 524

The Sklar Brothers and Esther Povitsky tweak sports-related terms to give them entirely different meanings. (2:01)

It's now time for tonight's#HashtagWars.

(cheers and applause)Well, if you're listening

to my mom shout andswear at the TV a lot, that's

'cause NFL season began tonight,kicking off another five months

of watching Bill Belichickslowly transform into a turtle.

(laughter)Now look...

Football is still as popular asever, despite the fact that it

turns players' brains intoscrambled eggs, taking away

their ability to rememberimportant things like their

families or where their cardealerships are located.

So, let's ring in another yearof competitive brain damage with

tonight's hashtag#OneLetterOffSports.

>> Yes.

>> HARDWICK:#OneLetterOffSports.


(cheers and applause)Examples might be

The Oregon Cucks or Kony Bryant2012.

I'm gonna put 60 seconds...

you don't even remember thatfrom four years ago.

>> Oh, yeah.

>> HARDWICK: I'm gonna put 60seconds on the clock and begin.

Yes, Jay.

>> The San Francisco 69ers.

>> HARDWICK: Points.


>> Los Angeles Fakers.

>> HARDWICK: Yes, points.

(audience groans)Randy.

>> The Olymdics.

(laughter)>> HARDWICK: Points.


>> The San Jose Sharts.

>> HARDWICK (laughing): Points.


>> Dwight Coward.

>> HARDWICK: Yes, points.


>> The Cleveland Brown.

>> HARDWICK: Points.

Uh... Randy.

>> The Westminster Dong Show.

>> HARDWICK: Yes, points.


>> The U. Ass Open.

>> HARDWICK: Points.


>> The New York Jews.

>> HARDWICK (laughing): Points.

>> That's... it'd be the Jets.

(laughter)>> HARDWICK (N.Y. accent): Says


>> BOTH (N.Y. accent): Says who?

>> HARDWICK: Says who?

>> It's The New York Jews.

>> HARDWICK: Says who?

>> Says the Jews.

>> HARDWICK: Esther.

>> March Sadness.

(laughter)>> HARDWICK: Points.


>> Uh... this is simple.


>> HARDWICK: Yeah, points.

>> Thank you.

(laughter)>> HARDWICK: You know what?

You know who my favorite dennisplayer is?

>> Who?

>> HARDWICK: Penus Williams.

>> Yes!