Dr. Philthy's New Van

Gina Brillon & Alfred Robles Season 3, Ep 6 11/08/2014 Views: 2,974

As a present for making it to the end of Season 3, Gabriel gives his friend Martin the van he's always wanted. (3:09)

I'm standing righthere in front

of Madness Autoworkswith my buddy John.

This is the season finale, it's the last episode,

and we wanted to do somethingreally, really special,

uh, for the specialman in my life.

That doesn't sound right.No.

My homie Martin.

He's my buddy, he's my friend, and so,

we got Martin his own van.


So, Martin,

say hello to your future ride.

All right, so, basically, thevan is in a lot of trouble.

Let's just take alook right now

just so you guys cansee what's going on.

As you can see, uh, basedon the torn paneling,

uh, somebody tried to escapefrom this van at one point.

So, Mom's blanketis in here.

I don't know what's goingon right here, but, uh...

Martin, nothing butthe best, bro.

Car's 40 plus.Martin's 40 plus.40 plus.

And by the time we're done,they're both gonna look 27.Exactly.

(hydraulic beeping)Tell us, what are you gonnado with the van?

JOHN: Braking system, transmission overhaul,

engine overhaul, bodywork, paint.

It's gonna look nice.It's gonna be pimp.

It's gonna be pimp.

Dude...Wow. You're kidding.

That footage...that footage was actually

from seven months ago.

As you can tell, I still hadthree chins, not one like now.

And somebody like,"He looks bigger right there.

Maybe it's the TV."

No, (bleep). It's the diet.

So, what can I say?

We got the cameras,we got the lights.

I want to take you outside, andshow you what we got, Martin.

Stop it.Come on, let's go, bro.

(crowd cheering)

Watch the monitors.Watch the monitors.

We'll see you. Come on, (bleep).Come on, let's go.


That is sick! Wow!

(crowd cheering)

Are you kidding me right now?

Huh? Check out this warriorright here.

Look at this warrior.Wait, wait, wait.

Here, put on the glasses.Put on the glasses.


Wait. Do the pose.Do the pose.

Do the pose.Do the pose.

Wait, hold on.Hold up. Look.

Wait. There's more. Martin,come check this out over here.

Look it. I know you said

you wanted, like,an A-Team style van,

so that's what we did.

We got the cool, fancy grillright here in the front.

I got your alter egoon this side.

"Dr. Philthy" Nice.

Huh? I'm gonnaget you cards made.

It's gonna be really cool.Check it out.

And there's more, dude.

Look, here's, like,the-the secret window

so that girls can cryfor help from it.(laughs)

Check it outover here, Martin.

Help me with the back.

Check this out.Oh, nice.


Somebody's daughter's gonnaget sacrificed in here.

I hope you guysknow that.

This (bleep) is ridiculous.I can't say...

I can't say thank you.This is ri... This is amazing.

Gabriel, Stand-Up Revolution.

Gracias.I love you, bro.I love you, man.

(bleep) I love you, too.I love you, man!

I love you... (laughs)

We're not joto,but we do love each other.

No offense.

(both laughing)

Hey! (bleep)

Let's go in the van.

(both laughing)

Hey, you guys, this is theperfect way to end the show,