Uncensored - Nikki Glaser - Favorite Sexual Act

Kurt Metzger, Nikki Glaser, Mike Vecchione Season 1, Ep 3 04/27/2014 Views: 20,048

Nikki Glaser reveals some tips and tools that guys can use during her favorite sexual act. (2:20)

I lovegetting fingered.

It's my favoritesexual act.

I think it's 'causeI don't really masturbate,

so I like to outsource itand it's the greatest.

Are you guys into it?

Yeah?No one?

Okay, just me?

I love it.

Lately, fingering stylesare bumming me out

and I think that's whya lot of you are just like,

"No, not so muchanymore."

Because there'sfinger-banging going on

and finger-blasting.

It's just like this aggressivething we're getting a lot

that's just like...

it's like--is this fracking?

Is that what fracking is?

I've heard a lot about it

and I'm ready towrite my Congresswoman.

I am so...

It's rampant.

A lot of you,I can sense, are like,

"What's wrongwith that?"

It's, um, it doesn't--

It eitherfeels like nothing

or it hurts and that soundthat we make, that--


That's not like a pleasure--that's a pain sound.

So slight distinction.

It's just this,"Rrhh!"

And it's-- you don't need--even need to be in there.

You can-- just-- just--

And if you are,just the gentle...

the hook,

the "I Know WhatYou Did Last Summer."

The, um...


"Here, kitty, kitty."

Like you're trying to coaxa cat out from under a bed

or something.

Like, "Here, pussy."

But yeah, and I wouldjust stick to the clit.

And I know that word is like--"stick," it's gross.

But, um, it's nature.

Uh... but yeah.

I wouldjust stick to that.

And I know it's like,"Where is it?"

But we'll like find it foryou and just be like, "There."

It's like "Where's Waldo?"

We'll find it.

Mine's striped,so that does help.

And, um...

And then you justhone in on it

like you're playinga game of Fruit Ninja.

Have you playedthat game?

If you haven't,I just want to tell you

it's a fingering-training tooldeveloped by the Japanese.

And... youlike swipe fruit

and there's a part wherea pomegranate comes up

and that's whatI'm talking about.

You wanna just like scrub itreally quickly like this.

You're trying to getlike a 37,

is where you'retrying to aim for.



and this will change the way yousee kids playing that game

and I apologize for that.

On the way here tonight,there was a 13-year-old

and I was like, "Oh God."

Like... he had goodstyles.