Ari Shaffir - The Worst Thing About New York City

Ari Shaffir: Paid Regular Season 1, Ep 1 01/16/2015 Views: 80

According to Ari Shaffir, New York City potheads could learn a lot from Los Angeles's booming marijuana market. (1:16)

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Only problem with New Yorkis the weed situation.

The marijuana situationis horrifying.

I didn't realize.I started smoking pot here.

I didn't realizehow spoiled I was...

until you go somewhere else.

God, it's [bleep] terrible outthere, and it's hard to find.

Like, if you guys--Right nowlet's say you guys finish

the show and you all wantto go outside and nobody

has any weed, which isdefinitely not the case,

but, like, uh--with my crowd.

If you were out, you'd be like,"Let's go to the store

and buy more weed."That's what you would do.

Like a grown man would do.Those are your errands--

"I got to get trash bags,lightbulbs, and marijuana."

If you're in New Yorkand you run out of weed,

you just have to bewithout weed...

like a [bleep] immigrant.

Or you wait until someonein, like, a shitty part of town

walks by you, and they'll golike this, they'll go,

"Weed."And they just keep walking.

And then it becomesyour responsibility to go,

"What did you say?"

And then they go,"What did you hear?"

And that's the way you buymarijuana.

And the reason they say,"What did you hear?"

Is the because they've actuallybeen saying the name

of, like,four or five different drugs.

But the only one your brainlet you hear

is the one you're addicted to.