Gabe Liedman & Jenny Slate - Jenny's Screenplay Pt. 2 - Uncensored

The One with the Wedding Stories Season 1, Ep 7 09/11/2014 Views: 4,537

Jenny Slate's screenplay takes an unexpectedly wild turn when Gabe Liedman's character admits his love for her. (2:39)

Good, yeah, that's great.Okay.

I am so fuckingin love with you.

Yes. Yes, you are.

That it is fucking retarded.

Yes, it's real. This ishappening to me right now.

Jenny Sarah Slate, I need youmore than I need air.

Gabe, you need air!

Wow, now that's acting.

Thank you. Thank you.

Jenny, you know how theMona Lisa is a little bit ugly?

I do.You're not.


Gabe, I-- I'm a little confused.

If I could be candid, frankly,honestly, I thought that youwere gay.



Oh, Jenny, don't you knowI'm only pretending to be gayto advance my own career?

Are you sure you want to saythat in a screenplay?

I can say whatever I want tosay and anything, it's calledthe Patriot Act.

That's not whatthe Patriot Act is.

Nobody knows what it is!

Gabe clears the dining roomtable with one swipe of hishumongous arm.

Picks Jenny up by her assholelike she's a bowling ball.


That would hurt, right?

That actually only helps.

Wow, I don't know you at all.

I know me very good.

Gabe lights a big expensivecandle and dribbles the wax...

all over her perfect,little titties.

Then he goes to work,eating her pussy...

like a maniac,wanting nothing for himself.

We see out the window, the sunsets, and the moon comes up.

Finally, Gabe comes up for air,and is like...

"Just kidding,"then gets back to work.

He flips her over and theydo anal for a historicamount of time.

Finally, having built up thenerve, Gabe goes in for a kiss?

I feel like the pagesare out of order, Jen.

I feel like the pages arein exactly the right order,actually.

Gabe unfurls his three-foot longtongue and they French, sloppy,crazy-style.

Finally, falling to the floorin a heap of Jewish cum.

Jesus Christ,what is this rated?

It's rated good.Yeah, it is.

Gabe, now that you have Frenchkissed me in such a way...

you are my Jewish husband, amen.

Amen, and so it is written.Amen, and so it is written.

Thank you.