Extended - Sean Patton - Irish Goodbyes & Backdoor Betties - Uncensored

The One with the Jacket Season 2, Ep 2 07/07/2015 Views: 3,082

Sean Patton reveals his fantasy of non-traditional dog adoption, talks about Irish goodbyes gone wrong and imagines what would happen if Robocop contracted an STD. (13:47)

- We love this guy, he's on the show all the time.

We're so glad he could be here tonight.

Please everybody welcome, Sean Patton.


- Fuck off my stage!


That was far too aggressive.

Today was a good like California...

You know sun, feel likethe kind of day you

roll your shoulders back, you take in more air.

You just walk, you'rein the fucking woods all

of a sudden, it's fine.

Like this wooded area, what's that?

What is that basil?

Yes, I'm hungry.

Just eat basil fresh from the earth.

What is that, cilantro?

Mmm ahh!

I wanted a dog, who owns a dog here?

Yeah man, I wanted a dog today so bad.

I wanted to have a dog, not own a dog.

I wanted to have a dog.

I didn't want to get a dog from a pound,

today I wanted to find a dog in the woods

and we decide right then and

there is this forever, you know.

It'd be a little, I'd give it some puddle water

like there you go friend, you see.

I let it decide to come with me.

I hold the Uber door open,like want to make this forever?

Take the dog home, nevereven look at its gender

because it doesn't even matter, does it?

Let it choose its name.

What's your name bud?

What am I a slave owner, no.

What's your name?

You know those people exist right?

Probably here in this room, there are some of you

like, we let him choose his own

name because he's his own being.

I said what's your name,

the dog (barkingsound), that's his name.

(barking sound) that's his name.

He's (barking sound).

(barking sound)

I would love to live next to that person.

When they let the dog out to piss and it just ran away

and they're out in their yard like (barking sound)

(barking sound)

Come on boy.

(barking sound)

They don't know that they can't do it.

(barking sound)

Come on boy.

(barking sound)

Have you seen (barking sound)?

We've got to make posters.

Dog missing, answers to, how do you spell? (barking sound)

Do we ulot, is there a...?

They just live in a world where you can

write lost dog songs, songs, songs, on the wall.

These lamps throw me off when I'm trying to concentrate.

Who here by round of applause is familiar

with the phrase Irish goodbye?


I think all of you are, maybe you just don't know it.

An Irish goodbye iswhen you're drinking at

a bar with your friendsand you have so much

that you just leave, without saying

anything to anyone, not even yourself.

You just sort of (groaning noise),

I'm just gonna find...

And you're out the door.

Now how many of you have Irish goodbyed your friends,

gotten like 15 minutes away, realized you

left your keys andyour phone on the table

at the bar and had to go back and pretend

like you didn't just Irish goodbye your friends

who are now angry because an hour's gone by

and you've been missing and they're

in your face like, where have you been?

You're like, Canada, Australia.

Where have you been?

Where's anybody, who's been?

I'm omnipotent, I'll be where I choose.

Why is it an inquisition, huh?

What's inquisition?

Why you saying this?

Why you saying this?

That one's called a Scottish hello.


Because now you have tofight for your freedom.


My cousin is Canadian.

I visit him all the time, and he doesn't call it

an Irish goodbye, he refers to it as a backdoor-betty.



That's a different, like I saw him he was hung over,

he lives in Toronto, I saw him he was all

hung over, and I was like what happened?

He's like, oh I got hammered last night,

I just backdoor-bettiedRaul and PJ.

I hope they're okay.

Oh, you fucked your roommates in the ass, cool man, great.

See that's the thing,now that I know there's

crossover between thosetwo things, phrases,

all I want to do is one day

Irish goodbye a backdoor-betty.


Rude, absolutely.

But someone's nice enough to let

you have anal sex with them, and you're,

yeah that's the tight stuff that I, yeah.


Just leave them there!

Like come on, just put it back in.

Do it, I like it.

Wait (grunts).



That sounded like it came from a place of identifying.

Of someone who hadanal sex on the street,

and been left mid way through.

In fact, how many by round of applause,

how many people here have never been tested for an STD?

(one clap)


- Caught themselves before they realized,

oh Jesus that's, yeahget tested you monster!

You, one handed monster!

I hope you were slapping, I hope you were going,

I hope that's what you did.


It's airborne, you can breathe it in.

Like it's, it's not look, okay whoever you are

it is not good, it is never like if you're a male

guess what, they will put a q-tip into your urethra,

remove and repeat over and over again.

I know, and I've heard other men be like, nope never!

Really, why?

Put a q-tip in my dick?

Yeah it's uncomfortablebut I bet it

hurts a lot less than pissing lava.


It's the worst thing,and I mean it's not cool

like women, it's equally as,

if you're a woman, equally as awkward.

I think you've got to get in there,

put your legs in the stirrups, like get naked,

sit in the chair, the legs in the stirrups,

they spread your legs, and then a doctor comes over

and releases a meerkat into your vagina.


Return in three moons, and then you have,

that's your life for the next three

moons however long that is.

You're just roaming around with a meerkat in your guts.

And then you finallyreturn, you hope you're

not early or late, hey oh she had the,

blow the horn ofMordoria, (horn sound).

And then, the meerkat, ah what news have you friend?


Of her innards.

And if it comes back bald,

they're like oh no, you have AIDS.


I was tested a year ago, okay.

I did something stupid, I met a woman in Cincinnati

and that's not the stupid thing, not the stupid thing.

But I met her and we hadunprotected sex twice.

No condom used at her request,

which is dumb but hey I'm a romantic.


And sometimes you think you're

awesome and so does one other person.


But I was still nervousabout it and I got back

to New York where I lived at the time,

I decided like oh I should probably,

hmm yeah, I went and got tested.

You have to return four and a half,

four to five dayslater for your results.

Did I just fling sweat all over you by accident?

Okay, I thought I did, I was trying to.

But anyway, (whistle) splat!

I went and got tested,you have to return four

days later for your results, I wasn't

nervous until I got there because

I'm not a sexually deviant person.

Like I get laid moreor less than you think.

It's really you in this situation.

But here I'll paint the picture for you,

if there were a bar andevery woman I'd ever

slept were were in that bar and you walked in there

your reaction would be,oh there's people here.



You wouldn't be like, oh dead in there!

Nor would you go, too crowded.

You'd be like, oh this is nice!

There's a table, there'sthe drink specials.

But I was still panicking, I was suddenly like

the irrational fears, like what if I have uh, glaucoma?

What if I have sexuallytransmitted glaucoma?

How do they cure that?

And then suddenly, my fears were shattered because

the nurse, she startsshouting my name at full

volume which soundedlike this, Sean Patton,

Sean Patton, Sean Patton, Sean Patton!

And yes, your assumption is correct,

she was named Beatrice and from Jamaica.

Sean Patton!

Get in here young man, get in here!

Why you show up late?

Why you late for your appointment?

Why you show up late for your appointment,

when you make an appointment you show up on time,

you don't not waste the day of

the people working at the clinic.

And I'm like, immediately enamored with this woman.

Because I want her to be my aunt, my new aunt Beatrice.


She's just lacing into me right away and

she said, why you come inhere, you look wholesome to me.

And maybe that's what she meant but I still

read too far into it and was like, what does that mean?

What do you think I can't get an STD?

You think I'm not sexually irresponsible enough?

Woman, I'm a scorpio, you don't know me.

But I didn't say any of that to my new aunt Beatrice.

I just told her thetruth, I said, ma'am I'm

here because I have hadunprotected sex, twice.

And without missing a beat she goes, twice?

Who you think you is, RoboCop?


Now, if I lost anyone,

I told her I had had unprotected sex twice,

her response was, who you think you is, RoboCop.

What does that mean?

The floor is open.

I've seen all three RoboCop films, numerous times.

RoboCop shoots a lot ofbad guys, blows a lot

of things up, saves a lot of good guys.

Never once, has sex ever, protected or unprotected,

he's a cyborg, he doesn't have a dick anymore.

You can argue that maybeshe was trying to imply

that I thought I was invincible and

using RoboCop as an example, maybe.

But that'd be too easy,I think that they made

a fourth RoboCop in Jamaica and we haven't seen

it yet where RoboCop becomes aware that he still has

a human penis and is now all about getting,

me RoboCop, me come to smash all the puss.

And RoboCop horny all the damn time,

me need bust me Robo-nut.

Oh bend over pretty lady, me so

horny, me start to sound Irish.

(shooting sounds) Break some of that lordy mercy.

Oh thank you for that, me bust me Robo-nut.


RoboCop still horny!

Ah, second pretty lady, no me

don't use no condom, me RoboCop.

Ah, your tight puss making me feel Irish.

(shooting sounds)

Oh RoboCop satisfied.

What, why do it itch?

Ah why do me Robo-human penis burn?

Scanning, disease detected, no!

But me only had two unprotected encounter.


Who me think me is?


Destroy virus.

(shooting sounds)

And just for the record, by the way, my results, clean.

Clean as Detroit city after RoboCop

cleaned up all the scum there.

Thank you very much!

Meltdown forever!


- I could've done it.