Roast Battle II - Snoop Dogg's Hidden Talent - Uncensored

Roast Battle II: Night One - Uncensored Season 2, Ep 5 01/26/2017 Views: 4,103

Honorary judge Snoop Dogg reveals why he enjoys messing with Roast Battle, and Jeff Ross suggests that the rapper would be a good comedian. (0:44)

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- [Voiceover] I like this show,Jeff.


- We do, too.

- You have a place ofhonor on every show I do.

- I fuck with this, you know

I really fuck with this showman.

- We fuck with you.

- I fuck with this.

- I have a theory.

- Hold on, I actually have atheory.

- Let's see what Anthony has tosay.

- I just like that Snoop istalking

like he doesn't know he'sactually part of the show.


Like you're a fucking castmember, man.


- Snoop, I feel like ifyou weren't a musician

you would be a comedian.

You're a natural comic, bud.


- Well, you know, I've gota little comedy in my bones.