Exclusive - Sinbad - Relationships Are Hard

Sinbad: Make Me Wanna Holla Season 1, Ep 101 06/14/2014 Views: 4,253

If it were up to Sinbad, getting married would be much more difficult. (2:26)

I think we got marriage--

I thinkwe should redo marriage.

Let's redo marriage.Let's redo marriage.

Let's make it difficultto get married,

easy to be divorced.

Let's make it difficult.

You got to pay money up front.

You got to pay a fine.

You got to pay money.How much you love her?

It's gonna cost you 20,000.


Oh, heh heh.I don't know about that!

Think about it.

The more money your parentsspend on your wedding,

the longer you guysstay married.

If your parents spend 20,000,we ain't working out.

You got four more yearsto stay.

You gonna make this work.

We done put 20,000 in.

I don't careif y'all hate each other.

You standfor four more years.

That's whatthe contract says.

Think about if you hadall those fines.

Think about if you hadto go to lawyers,

just like you dowith divorce.

You have to sitwith a lawyer.

"So what do you think?How much stuff is yours?"

"I brought most of it."

"Oh, did you?"

"Yeah, most of it.Most of it.

I still love you,but this is my stuff."

You'll see the real sidecome out.

See, divorce should be easy.

After you done spent 75,000,divorce should be like this.

"You wanna hang in there?"

"No, I'm done.""Okay."

"You keep one kid,I'll keep the other.

Which one you want?I'll take that one."

Look at how she looked at me.

But you know I'm right.

You know I'm wrong,but I'm right.

You know I'm wrong,

but I'm right.

Some thingsare wrong/right.

Some things are wrong/right.

Like being in the mall.

Your kids can't find you,you should be able to leave.

If they can't find you,

legally, you should be ableto go to the police.

He was not with me.

When I got to the car,I told him.

And he is old enough to knowI was leaving.

He's old enough.

So he can't sue me.

I told him.

I don't know why y'allbrought him back here.

I had one for a second.

Ain't easy, man.

Ain't easy beingin a relationship.

It ain't easy being a parent.

Think about it,the last easy time.

Right, Cory, this isthe easiest time of your life.

15 years old,it's easy.

You got nothing to do.Go play some sports.

Mama come pick you upbecause you can't walk home.

It's only, like, half a block.Oh, I can't walk.

I can't walk homefrom practice.

How many timesyou call your mom?

You can see her.Mom, you gonna come get me?

I'm looking right at you.

I'm looking right at you.Just walk.

Follow my voice.Follow my voice.

So hard!