Chuck Sklar - Good Exercise

Katz, Barry, Sklar Brothers Season 2, Ep 11 05/26/1993 Views: 970

Chuck's girlfriend is just having sex with him for the exercise. (1:35)

What a dirty,rotten, filthy place.

You know what I'm talkingabout-- Jews, Jews, Jews, Jews,


Oh , it's OK.

I can say that,because I'm a racist.

Hey, everybody, it's OK.

Don't worry about it.

No, I'm not a racist.

I-- actually, mygirlfriend right now she's

one quarter Cherokee Indian.

Her name is Partly Cloudy.

And that's partly funny.

I'm sorry about thatlast joke, but--

You know, I think the key toany successful relationship,

of course-- keepingthe sex fresh.

Right?You know?

Some of you?

Like I said to herthe other night,

let's do some sexualrole playing, you know?

Like you pretendto be the hostess

of some big dinner party.

I'll pretend to be the kidfrom the local high school

you hired to be the bartender.

So I made a pass at her.

She had her husbandbeat the hell out of me.

That didn't work out so well.

I don't think shelove me, actually.

I think she's just havingsex with me for the exercise.

You know, so when she meetsa guy she's in love with,

she's still in good shape.

Well, here's was a clue.

You know, we'redoing it, and all I'm

hearing is "oh Chuck, more,and four more, and three more,

and two more, and don't forgetto breathe, three, four.

Feel the burn.

And rest.

And again."

Hey, I'm only one man up here.