Hunting Buddies

Brain Virus Season 2, Ep 16 07/26/2016 Views: 729

Making jokes about your friends' wives is one thing, but other lines just shouldn't be crossed. (0:56)

- Hey, let me know when I'vegot her back into the water.

- I totally backed it intoyour wife last night.

[laughter]- Oh, yeah!

- I just have to clearthat last buoy,

and then I can reallyopen her up.

- I totally opened upyour wife's legs

with my buoy last night!

[laughter]- Mother of my children!

- Whoa, guys,got a little bite here.

Feels like a big one.

- I had to tell your wife

to stop biting my big onelast night.

[laughter]- Ooh, she did it, man!

- Oop! Down he goes.

Circle back around.Let's pick him up.

- I circled back aroundand picked up your whore wife

on a street cornerlast night!


- She was a ho last night!

- Whoa, Frank, buddy,

looks like somebodygot a little sun today.

Ha ha! Look at him.Look at him, guys!

He's a tomato!

- You bastardpiece of shit!

- Think about...- I'll pour concrete...

down your throat...- The repercussions, Frank!

- No! He gave youa kidney last year.