Rick Gutierrez - Biggest Change

Alfred Robles & Rick Gutierrez Season 1, Ep 1 10/06/2011 Views: 16,107

Rick Gutierrez advises parents against giving their children video games. (0:51)

You can't be fat anymore.

You know what they call it?An epidemic.

Sons of bitches, man.

If being fat's an epidemic,I'm infected.

Look at this.

And it's not my fault.

I'm Mexican.Look at my diet.

Cheese on top of cheese,cheese on beans.

I haven't taken a (bleep)in a year.

It pisses me off.

You know whatthe biggest change is?

Our children, man.

And they...and we buy them video games.

Don't do that.

That's like crack cocaineto a kid.

You ever see a kid playa video game?

(demonic babbling)

(cheering and applause)

How come they can't makegood video games

like "clean your room"video game

or "do your homework" video game

or "shut the hell up"video game? How about that?