Uncensored - Owen Benjamin - Eddie Vedder

Owen Benjamin: High Five Til It Hurts Season 1, Ep 1 06/28/2013 Views: 5,982

Owen Benjamin wonders what kind of music people listened to when they hooked up in the 18th century. (1:31)

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I make fun of rock though too

One of my favorite bandsall-time, Pearl Jam.

Love Pearl Jam.Love Pearl Jam.

They have a song called Yellow Ledbetter.

And it touches bros' hearts.

We're like, "Oh, that song'sabout me, man.

It's a beautiful song."

And someone's like,"What's it about?"

It's like, "We have no idea.

He doesn't say any words."

Eddie Vedder has never saida word, ever,

except for maybe "daughter"in one song.

This is my impressionof Eddie Vedder

singing Yellow Ledbetter.

I'm not even exaggerating.

[singing unintelligibly]

♪ Yeah, yeah, oh, hyah

[continues singing gibberish]

There's no words.

There's no wordsin the whole song.

Music's very sexual.

It makes people horny, right?

What do you think it was likein the 18th century?

What did they listento when they hooked up?

Was it like, "Hit it."

[up-tempo classical music]

"Yeah, Beatrice, that's hot.That's good.

"Take that bonnet off.Yeah, take that bonnet off.

"Art thou horny?Art thou horny?

Yeah, suck it.That's good."

"I have cometh."

And you touch their cheek.