Larry Omaha - Taking It Back

Cristela Alonzo, Larry Omaha & Maz Jobrani Season 1, Ep 6 11/10/2011 Views: 16,067

Larry Omaha's mother believes that Thanksgiving represents the white man taking their land. (2:14)

gangster rapper Eskimos.

I met the real Ice Cube.

Everywhere I go.

I worked Tokyo,they thought I was Japanese,

talking to me in Japanese.

One thing I did understand,you know,

they said their countrywas becoming Americanized.

I said, "What are youtalking about?

No one here evenspeaks Spanish."

Freaks everywhere, everywhere.

I did a show at your university.

A professor came up, saidhe could determine my ancestry

by the structureof my cheekbones.

That's embarrassingwhen guys look back there.

Freaks in higher education.

My mother won'tcelebrate Thanksgiving.

She says it representsthe white man stealing our land.

But she's not angry,she's not angry.

She figures, ah, what the hell,

we're taking it backone casino at a time.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I have an Apache buddy,he's real slow.

They named him Runs Like A Cow.

His brother's fast,they named him Flying Eagle.

His sister had nine kids,they named her Spread Eagle.


My Indian name isSleeps in the River.

I was a bed-wetter.

Have any women here ever madelove to a Native American man?



'Cause there aren'tthat many left.

Something happeneda couple hundred years ago.

A lot of us came up missing.

But I'm here totell you, ladies,

if you ever get the opportunity,keep an open mind.

'Cause I'm here to tell you,

once you go Sioux,you'll know what to do.

Once you go Mohawk,I guarantee you won't walk.

And once you go Apache,you'll have a happy (bleep).