Trevor Looks Back on His Meeting With President Obama

December 13, 2016 - Ta-Nehisi Coates 12/13/2016 Views: 24,737

Of all the things Trevor worried about leading up to his first interview with President Obama, going in for the handshake was the most daunting moment. (1:54)

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yesterday was, uh, wow.

One of the most insanelyamazing days of my life.

I got to interview the president

of the United States of America.

And, I mean, I don't thinkyou guys understand

how terrified I was, you know,

the whole time I was...No, because here's the thing.

Here's the thing.I'll share this with you.

I, like... People will be like,"Oh, you're cool,"

and everything. It's like,there's no one as cool

next to the president, okay?Like, I'm like,

it's my first interviewwith him. I could

mess this whole thing up. I knowthat people are gonna watch it

and now I screwed up, and nowthe worst thing is I'm not just

worried about screwing it up,I'm worried about

bringing a brother down with me

in the process, you know?

And, like, everythingin my head, I'm like,

"Okay, what was that questionI wanted to ask?

"And what if he says this,and what if he goes with that

and what..." And you're thinkingof all of these things.

But the scariest part of thewhole interview for me,

right, was I was thinking about

when I would meet the presidentfor the first time

and shake his hand.

I know this sounds crazy,but my greatest fear

was that he would give me,

like, the stiff handshake.I was... You see that?

That moment there?

You don't even understandhow much that meant to me.

I was like, "If this guy

doesn't give meet blackhandshake, I'm gone."

-(laughing)-No, you laugh, you laugh.

Like, I was like,"This could be it."

Like, if Obama came inand was just like, "Hello"...

and then I'm gone.And then it's just like-like,

someone would meme itand be like, "Obama meeting

one of his white fans."And then... and then I'm out.

And then people would havecrying Jordan on my face

'cause, like, their...Wouldn't even be crying,

it would be, like,crying Larry Bird instead.

And it would...I was-I was terrified.

But, uh, yeah, it was an amazingmoment, and I, uh, thank you

for watching, everyone that did.It was a-it was a

fantastic day for me.It really was. Uh...

I'll tell you now, everyone'sgonna miss this man

when he's gone.Everyone is going to miss him

-when he's gone. Uh...-(cheering, applause)