Exclusive - Eric the Eel - Uncensored

August 18, 2016 - Emily King 08/18/2016 Views: 11,156

The Daily Show writers weigh in on their favorite athletes from past summer games, including one swimmer from Equatorial Guinea who made waves without much talent. (4:25)

(drum roll)

(majestic band melody)

- My favorite momenthas gotta be Kerri Strug

landing that vault with a broken foot.

- I just remember beinga kid and watching

the Dream Team and seeing Larry Bird play

with Magic and Jordan, just thinking if I got good

at basketball, I could have some black friends, maybe.

- My favorite athlete is Michael Phelps,

'cause he proves you could smoke weed

and still be successful.

- My favorite Olympic story of all time

is Eric the Eel.

Eric the Eel was...

I don't, wait.

Can you understand me with my accent?

- [Voiceover] I actually have no idea what you're saying.

- Oh, I thought so.

So, maybe we can put subtitles?

(inspirational brass band ensemble)

(tribal drumming)

(awe-inspiring orchestral score)

- [Voiceover] Equatorial Guinea, Eric Moussambani.


- [Voiceover] Up, up, up

- [Voiceover] Oh, goodness, me.

- [Voiceover] Oh, no.

(native drumming)

(beep)(crowd cheering)

- [Voiceover] And heat one of

this Men's 100 Meters Freestyle

and here we haveEric Moussambani

of Equatorial Guinea.

- [Voiceover] This guy doesn't look as though

he's gonna make it.

- [Voiceover] Now I am convinced this guy

is gonna have to get hold of the lane rope

in a minute.

- [Voiceover] Ajen, I'm notsure he's gonna make it, is he?

- [Voiceover] Yeah, he is, you see this is the Olympics.

He's got 17,000 people shouting for him.

- [Voiceover] Eric Moussambani of Equatorial Guinea,

wins heat one of the Men's 100 Meters Freestyle.

Well, I thought I'd seen everything

in the Olympic swimming pool.

(triumphant band movement)

- [Voiceover] How do you feel?

- Bitch, I'm tired.

(rousing final trumpet blast)