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Andy Richter, Diona Reasonover and Matt Besser reflect on the parts of 2016 that didn't include Donald Trump or a celebrity death. (1:45)

2016 has truly been a strange

and complex year, but I think

historians will agree on two

things-- it only lasted 12

months, and it totally sucked

balls, but...


>> Yeah!

>> HARDWICK: ...the Internet is

a multifaceted beast made of


For every all-caps rage post,

there's a delightful meme or an

adorable animal video waiting to

load, which is why tonight,

we're celebrating the

not-so-crappy of 2016 with a

special segment called

"@midnight's Look Back at the

Stuff From 2016 That Wasn't

Trump or the Death of a


(applause and cheering)

(orchestra plays grand theme)

First up...

First up...

Our favorite online personality

of the year was YouTube Jon

Sudano who takes the music of

Smash Mouth, you see, and mashes

it with other artists to do the

impossible-- make it amazing.


>> ♪ Hey, now

You're an all-star

Get your game on

♪ Go play

And all that glitters is gold

Only save me... ♪


(applause and cheering)

>> HARDWICK: ♪ Save me!

Comedians, now that Jon has made

them relevant again, how is

Smash Mouth celebrating?

Matt Besser.

>> Celebrating Nickelback moving

up to number one on the lamest

band ever rankings.


>> HARDWICK: All right. Points.


Points. Uh, Andy Richter.

>> By going to a Creed concert.

>> HARDWICK: Yes. Points.



You know how you go to a

Creed concert?

♪ With arms wide open.


I'm sorry.


>> Uh, buying as many taquitos

as their cargo shorts can hold.

>> Oh. Like that.

>> HARDWICK: Yes, points.

That's what they're for.

That's the ammo.

That's the ammo.

>> Yeah.

(laughter, applause & cheering)

>> Oh. Oh.