Psychopath Test Season 4, Ep 7 06/02/2016 Views: 29,493

Amy finds that her laugh lines aren't landing while filming a scene for a lowbrow multi-camera sitcom. (4:21)

(man)Perfect matches is filmedbefore a live studio audience.

(newscaster) Tonight on the 7:15news, is your husband cheatingon you

with a hotter woman?

Wait, what?


(cheering and applause)

Are you cheatingon me?


The GirlScouts are comin'.

So?So, I owe 'em $2,000.


(woman)Hello,anyone there?

Oh my God.

They got inthe back door.


Here...Hide under this.


When's lunch?


It's just Amy.

I thought you werea Girl Scout.


Going sailing?


Actually, I'm about to gotake care of some business.


I'm terrified.

I think Ralphie'scheating on me.

With what,a doughnut hole?

(slight laughter)


(whooping and whistling)

Don't you knock?

We don't knock.

The postmanalways rings twice.


You lookvery nice, Amy.

I like your haircut.

(audience "ooooh"ing)

Aren't you just supposedto deliver the mail

and not pickup lines?

Come on.

When are you goingto let me take you out?


(cheering and clapping)

Your breath's alreadydoing it from there.

(a few laughs)




Anybody see Candy?

Ralphie, every dayof his life.

Hey, uh, ease upon the fat jokes.

That's myscripted line.

You're blowingthis.

Hey, arethose new jeans?

I like 'em.

Oh, yeah...Thanks.

Is there a mirrorin your pocket,

because I sure cansee myself in 'em.

(one man clears throat)

'Cause that would mean thatwe would have had sex.

(man)We heard you.

(Bonnie)No one is evenlistening to me.

I think Ralphie'sseeing someone else.


Well, we know it'snot his feet.


What the (bleep) isgoing on today?

(hooting, toilet flushing)

Hey, everybody, I just took ahuge dump 'cause I'm so fat.

(loud laughing)

Ralphie, you'renot that fat.

For a sperm whale.



No, every joke is that he'sso fat and you guys love it.

(booing)No, no, (bleep) you.

What-- no.

This show isnot funny.

It's disgusting.

It's a horrible depictionof an Indian man, first of all.

When is lunch?

(uproarious laughter)


You're all(bleep) sheep.

These jokes aren'tfunny.

You're just used to therhythms and laughing at them!

No!(crowd chanting)

Where are youtaking me?

(cheering and clapping)

(screaming, gun fires)


You lookdifferent.

Yeah, you know,I feel different.


Honey, I'vegot terrible news.

(gasping)Are youcheating on me?

No, the toilet'sbroken.


I was so scared,jinga-binga-boom.

You got nothing tobow-wawow-wowow.(laughing)







When's lunch?

(cheering, music playing)

(cheering grows louder)

(machine winding down)