Defiant About Weed

Smoke and Believe Season 1, Ep 9 12/30/2013 Views: 1,750

Brody refuses to believe that smoking pot might have a negative effect on his mental health. (2:02)

What makes you a doctor?

You're not a doctor,you're a PA on my project.

Shut your mouth and get mecoffee.

The weed, he's very defiantabout.

He claims that, you know,it's recreational.

That it doesn't affect himnegatively.

But every single doctorand expert will tell you...

that what he has and themedication he's on...

it's probably the worst thingyou can do.

It is pretty common for patientsin general, when givena specific diagnosis...

like bi-polar disorder,to resist it.

Not accept what's going on,not accept the recommendedtreatment.

Why do you want to takepot away from me?

CAMERA (O.S.)Because of the potential for itto be a trigger...

that could push youinto another episode...

because you're diagnosedas bipolar.

Are you kidding me?I'm not bipolar.

12:45, Comedy Store, you got it.I'll be there.

All right, bye.

Huh? What the--

Dad... you're home early.

Yeah, early enough to finda marijuana stick under mydaughter's backpack.

It's not mine. I was holding itfor a friend.

I wasn't born yesterday.

You're bipolar. You shouldn'tbe smoking marijuana.It can trigger a relapse.

Why don't you stop smoking pot?

Because it makes me feel goodand helps with my comedy.

You're bipolar.

I'm not bipolar. I haveadult-onset autism.

No. Bipolar.

You-- you don't take that tone--

You're bipolar.I'll take away your internetaccess.

Say goodbye to MySpace.You want to play that game?

I'm your father.

And you're bipolar.

You're bipolar.You're bipolar.

You are bipolar.You are bipolar.

You're bipolar.You're bipolar.

You're bipolar.You're bipolar.

You're bipolar.You're bipolar.

You're bipolar.You're bipolar.