Jake Johannsen - Christmas Special

Cho, Francese, Farentino Season 2, Ep 7 05/24/1993 Views: 2,389

By the time they air this show, it could be Christmas time. (2:07)

to make the show a success here.

And sometimes it looks a littleslap dash but we plan that.

Uh, hit it!


It seemed like the band hadno idea uh, I was going to do

that, but we workedthat out ahead of time.

Anyway, it's just a fewshopping days until Christmas.

And uh, we uh, youknow, we're really

looking forward to the holidays.

And so--



ANNOUNCER: It's--it's early May.


I-- that's Harvey, our director.

But I-- yeah, I know that.

Don't worry, they'lledit this out.

Anyway, Harvey, I know that.

But you know, theyair these shows

over and over all the time.

So it's bound to be on nearChristmas sometime, right?

Like the stopped clockis right twice a day.

Um, so, anyway, and,and besides, I always

wanted to have myown Christmas show.

You know what I mean?

They always just MerryChristmas, everybody.

They're always so sincere likethey really care about you.

They don't care about you.

Not-- I do.

They don't I care about you.

Not in that cheap sexual waylike those other hosts, either.

I mean-- like Bing Crosby.

He loved those kids!


So anyway, don't you justhate it when you go out

and you go out shoppingfor your Christmas tree

and uh, you gottago see the tree

guy who was alsothe pumpkin guy.

Don't think I'm notwise to that game.


Happy Halloween, by the way.

And uh, the uh, theuh, the pumpkin guy.

I got a theory that Halloweenwas started by the pumpkin guy

a long time ago.

You know how greeting cardcompanies and flower companies

get-- start this Grandparents'Day and Secretary's Week.

Same thing.

Pretty soon there'll beso many bogus holidays,

that a normal relaxing weekendwill be a holiday that you

celebrate by having a cup ofcoffee in your underpants.

"Underpants" is afunny word, by the way.

Uh, even like in anormal sentence, right?

Like I answered thephone in my underpants.