Southern Accent

Nose Business Like Show Business Season 1, Ep 5 12/16/2013 Views: 2,381

Brody tries to prove to Zach Galifianakis that he has the acting chops to be in Zach's new movie. (1:28)

How's the film going?

It's going well.Yeah?

You didn't come down hereto ask me to be--

Are they still casting?

On the TV show that I'mproducing for you...

you're asking me if you couldbe in a movie that I'm in?

Why not? I mean, Hangover 2,I was Giamotti's right hand man.

There's not really a partfor you, it's like it's setin the south.

Zach, I can do accents.

Can you do a southern accent?Yeah.

All right, do a southern accent.Okay.

I pledge allegianceto the flag...

of the United Statesof America.

And to the Republicfor which it stands.

One nation, under God,indivisible...

with liberty and justicefor all.

Amen. Nailed it.

I have to say, that was reallygood...

but somehow it just doesn'tmatch your face whatsoever.

I object to that.

You're also good withimprov-ing courtroom scenes.

Your Honor, I object to theevidences-sens.

What other accents can you do.

That's about it.

Southern, I can do tough guy.

Hey, yo! Yo!

Yo! I pledge allegianceto the flag.

One nation under God.


I mean, who's abovean acting class? Nobody.

You've taken acting classes.