Pushing It to the Limit

Oklahoma Cupid Season 1, Ep 4 12/09/2013 Views: 2,858

Brody and his comedian friend Esther Povitsky discuss some feelings that Brody has been having since he went to Bangkok. (2:03)

So I went to Bangkok...

and let's just say I pushedit to the limit.

You can do whatever youwant in Bangkok.

I was there for Hangover 2.

What does push the limit mean?

I feel like you're tryingto tell me something...

but you're just sayinga weird thing.

There's a party culture there.

So, anyway, I did pushit to the limit.

What does that mean?

I went to Bangkok andI went to a lady-boy show.

A show?A show.

They dance, they look good.


And I pushed it to the limit.

I know, okay, you're doing thisthing that you do...

where you say the same thingover and over again.

Because I have OCD.

Okay, I already knowthat you went to Bangkok.

And did what?

Pushed the limits.

No, pushed it to the limit.

See, you don't know,that's why I repeat it.

It's the same thing.

All right, so here's the deal.

I went to Bangkok,I pushed it to the limit.

Well, just tell mewhat you did?

I explored the lady-boy culture.

And it's messed withmy mind a little bit.

And I come back to Americaa stronger man...

a clear-minded man,but yet somewhat foggy.

I know you're special,but I don't think you're gay.

Esther, I went to Bangkok.

And you know what I did there.

You pushed it to the limit.I pushed it to the limit.

Or did you feel, "Oh, it's niceto be touched by someone...

"because I'm in a foreigncountry, I'm lonely, I haven'tseen my mom or Daisy...

"in a while, I'm not around myfriends, I'm lonely, I'm justgonna accept what comes to me."


I wish I was like, you know,with a girl, with a family...

I know.with a child, but I'm not.

You will be, I always tell youthis, you're still youngfor a man, okay?

My dad had me when hewas 44, you're 42.

Did your father go to Bangkokand push it to the limit?

I don't think he did.If he did--

Did he click on things?I don't want to know.

Have you checked his cookies?

I am not gonna lookat his cookies.