Todd Barry - Pre-Planned Crowd Work - Uncensored

The One with Meltdown and a Murder Season 3, Ep 8 11/23/2016 Views: 476

Todd Barry admits how long it took him to plan his set for The Meltdown and chats with an audience member about her tattoos. (1:06)

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Todd Barry special out of towncelebrity guest.

I did think of an ideaon the way over here.

It sounds impressive, but whenit's a six hour fucking flight,

six hours is actuallya long time.

I've seen shows here--if you combined

all the writing donefor every set

ever done on this stage,

probably two hours.

So I had three timesas much time

to write somethingon the way over here.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say

is let's do some crowd work.

Lady, what's the dealwith the tattoos?

- Me?- Yeah.

What do they mean to you?

- Music?

- A Modest Mouse one?Oh, my God.

- And the Mountain Goats.Holy shit.

- You like animal bands.

- Yeah, I know what you meantby "Animal bands."

I came up with this ideaon the plane over here.

I know--I'm smart enough to knowwhat animal bands are.