Sinbad - Too Honest to Be a Teacher

Sinbad: Make Me Wanna Holla Season 1, Ep 1 06/14/2014 Views: 17,255

Sinbad is the first to admit that he could never be a teacher. (1:29)

That's why I can'tkeep many jobs.

See, people saythey want honest.

Everybody says,oh, I want honesty.

No, you don't.No, you don't.

I can't be a teacher, sittingthere-- why did my son flunk?

Because he's the dumbestone in the class.

I'm surprised hegot to fifth grade.

I don't know how.

He should be in kindergarten.

That's where he needs to be.

You know what I'm saying, right?

People need to be ableto tell the truth.

Like all my teachers-- youall got to be sitting there.


What you do-- do youteach in public school

or like, private school?AUDIENCE: Private.

-Oh, so the biggest thing withyou is, we had a bake sale

and all the moneydidn't come in.

Who has the bake sale money?

We are locking these doors.

We're using our honesty caps.

Everybody put ontheir honesty cap.

Johnny took the money.

And what do we dowhen we lie, Johnny?

We say we're sorry.

So don't you ever say it'sso hard being a teacher.

I want you to be a substituteteacher in the Detroit

public school system--not for a week.

Not for a week.

One day.

Just going throughthe metal detector.