The Ghost of Michael Clarke Duncan

Class President Season 1, Ep 6 10/26/2016 Views: 1,526

The spirit of Duncan High's namesake appears to Grover to give him some much-needed encouragement. (0:48)

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- Damn, I'm a failure.

- You not a failure, boss.

- Michael Clarke Duncan?

- Yeah, it's me.

I usually help white peoplewith they problems.

They don't think about meno more,

so I'm here to help you,little chocolate boy.

All's I needs you to dois believes in yourself.

I's never actually said thatto a black person before.

- Michael Clarke Duncan,why you talking like a slave?

- 'Cause I is.

In heaven, I keeps the cloudsnice and soft.

Not as many white peopleup here as I thought, through.

- So all I got to dois believe in myself?

- That's hows it worksin the movies.

A black man says something wise,

and then a white writergets the statue.

Almost happened in"Straight Outta Compton."

Now go out there and tells themthe truth.

- I'll do it.

- Good job, son.

And just remember,Omarosa killed me.

She stabbed me in my pancreaswith an icicles.

An icicles.