Abbi Jacobson & Ilana Glazer - They're Dudes

The One with the Replacement Hosts Season 2, Ep 1 06/30/2015 Views: 3,912

Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer agree to go onstage -- but only if they get to wear Jonah and Kumail's pants. (0:47)

Are you on the show tonight?

No, we're dropping in, man.You're just hanging out?

You're inside of the show.I like that.

Right, that's right.Yeah, you know.

All right, I'm gonna go writea bit that fits this outfit.

I have a question. I know youguys don't want to do anythingonstage...

so just feel free to say"no" to this.

We have an idea, where you guysjust go up as me and Jonah...

and just introduce the nextcomedians.

You wouldn't do any material,you'd just go up, pretendto be me and Jonah.

Would we like, no joke,put your shirts on?

You could put my shirt on,you could put his shirt on.

Dude, putting your pants on,too, would be really funny.

Putting your whole outfits on.Huh?

If you're willing to take yourclothes off, I'll do it.


That mean we have to strip withall the cameras in here, too?

No, we just put their clotheson, on top of our clothes.

They're dudes.