Chris Hardwick - Latino Culture

Chris Hardwick: Mandroid Season 1, Ep 1 11/10/2012 Views: 9,751

An alluring animated bee makes Chris Hardwick wonder if Latinos are just too sexy. (1:04)

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I love it.

I live in Los Angeles.

It's beautiful.

It's so--I mean, so passionate

and so sexy as a race.

Like, but I thinkmaybe too sexy

to have made Antonio Banderasthe voice of the Nasonex Bee.

That is too sexyfor nasal spray.

You're just sitting onyour couch in your underwear

and this horny Latino beecomes on this screen like,

"Oh, Nasonex.


"I'm going to [bleep]your nose open.

"Oh, Nasonex.


"Oh, your nasal passageis dry.

"I'm goingto make it wet, oh.

"Oh, Nasonex.Oh, Nasonex.

Dios mio, Nasonex!"

"How's that asthmatreating you?"

"Great, a Latino beeejaculated in my nose,

opened it right up."