Magic Beans

Leela and the Genestalk Season 7, Ep 22 08/07/2013 Views: 11,490

In order to pay for Leela's squidification surgery, Fry sells the Planet Express, but all gets in return are two magic beans. (2:25)

I don't care if that operationwill only delay the tentacles.

Somehow, we got to finda way to pay for it.

(sighs)It's no use.

There's absolutely no waywe can afford to...

Wait! We'll sell Ol' Bessie!

Fry, take the old galto market

and get the bestdarn price you can.

(others cheering)Yeah, I will!

Yeah, all right!

(cowbell ringing)

Come on, Ol' Bessie.

MAN:Warp drives!

Get your warp drives!


Say, friend,that's a heck of a ship.

She's worth a lot of money.I'm gonna sell her at market

so my girlfriend can get surgeryfor her squidification.


Jeepers, my wife had that.

Got sicker and sicker,and in the end...

we found a miracle cure!

Giant beans? They mustbe worth a fortune!

These babies are the jewelsof the bean kingdom.

But since you're in a jam,I'll trade 'em

for that ship of yours.

Hmm. I don't know.

They're the cure-allthat cures a lot!

Rheumatism, botulism,seborrhea,

diarrhea, desiccation,perspiration,

common cold and, uh...

Um, uh...


If you say so.

Wait a second.

How could beanspossibly cure her?

Because they're magic!

They fell from the sky!

Oh, now you tell me!

I did it! I got a great dealon the ship!

Hooray! I knew you wouldn'tlet us down in any way.

Well, how much did you get?


Two magic beans!


You sack of bagsof buckets of idiots!

There's no such thingas magic beans!


"Fry, you big dummy"?

Very much so.

Whatever you're trying to do,I appreciate it.

But this is one of those rareproblems with no magic solution.

(crickets chirping)