Theo Von - "I'm Thirsty" Jeans

Theo Von Season 1, Ep 7 06/01/2012 Views: 22,794

Theo Von proposes a solution for children working in sweatshops. (1:29)

I stayed up the other nightwatching something

on television; it was likea public service announcement.

You know, and it's like,"You got to help these kids."

You know,and they show these kids

and something's wrong with them.

And it's likethey're sewing pants

for a penny a dayin sweatshops.

And I'm like, well, if they'resewing pants and they need help,

like, why doesn't one of them

sew a message for helpinto some pants?

Especially if they got all day.

But knowing us in America,

that would just be likea new fashion statement.

Like, "Oh, do you likethese new Thirsty jeans?"

What are these?"Oh, A Lion Ate My Brother."

Ed Hardy? No. Fed Hardly.

They're real nice.

They're real nice.

I stayed up the other nightwatching Nancy Grace.

I wish somebody wouldkidnap this bitch.

Dude, I don't like...that show is bull(bleep).

The show... they sensationalizemissing and molested kids

to sell advertising dollars.

They're not lookingfor these kids.

The show comes onat 11:00 at night.

They haven't found one kid.

It's been on for ten years.

Ten... wha... you give mea half hour and an eight ball,

I'll find a missing kidright out here.

The show comes onat 11:00 at night

and they're like,"Go look for kids..."

Like, I live ina nasty neighborhood.

You go look for them.

(bleep), if I golooking for somebody,

I might be the nextmissing person.

This is a horrible idea, Nance.

Hey, so I got to tell you guysthis story, all right?